Students Speak:  Watershed Summit

Upper Deschutes Watershed Council


Grade:  Kindergarten to 12th grade
Length:  1 day event in May
Location: Varies
Cost:  Free
Audience:  Deschutes County



  • To develop an informed sense of place and engaged sense of stewardship for rivers and streams in Central Oregon.  
  • To develop valuable skills in public speaking, leadership, and community performance while contributing to a watershed dialogue among watershed leaders.



Students have the opportunity to take the stage as they participate in a student conference to share their watershed stories and projects in art, science, writing, or music.  Students will prepare for their participation in the Watershed Summit by creating works of watershed art, compiling scientific data about watershed health, or composing songs or poetry about their streamside experiences. Students will present and/or perform for their peers and watershed professionals at the all-day Watershed Summit.


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