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The Children’s Forest believes that every child deserves the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors. Time outdoors brings so many benefits including improving our quality of life, health, social wellbeing, and bringing joy into our lives. Every dollar that you invest in the Children’s Forest works towards making the outdoors more accessible and inclusive for children from underrepresented communities.  This year, we are focusing our fundraising efforts on raising money for our Field Trip Fund.  Read more about our goal and how important this resource is for teachers below.  

Other Ways to Donate


Mail a check to:


Children’s Forest of Central Oregon

63095 Deschutes Market Road

Bend, OR  97701



Vámonos Outside


The Children’s Forest serves as the fiscal agent for the Vámonos Outside program.  Learn more about their great work connecting Latinx communities to the outdoors hereTo direct a donation to Vámonos Outside, select this option in the drop down menu on our Paypal site.