Curriculum and Resources


In addition to environmental education programs offered by Children’s Forest partners, we encourage teachers to lead outdoor activities for their students. Included are curriculum resources to support teachers in facilitating outdoor lessons.

Funding Resources

Equipment and Kits


Resource Co-op – Children’s Forest of Central Oregon
Wildlife Tracking, Birding, Plants, Forest Ecology, Aquatic Studies, Soil Studies, Stream Tables, Snowshoes


High Desert Museum Travelling Trunks
Water Cycle, Skulls and Pelts, Oregon Trail, Biomimicry, Water Quality with Vernier Probes
$25 for 2 weeks


Sunriver Nature Center Nature Discovery Kits
Scales, Tails & Claws, Animal Adaptations, Buzz about Bees, Splash! Life in a Pond
$150 for 2 week kit rental (includes naturalist presentation)

Additional Resources for Teachers


Below are additional resources to bring outdoor learning into a classroom.