Resource Co-op


The Resource Co-op consists of field equipment that any teacher in Central Oregon can utilize. We have developed specific kits, designed to have everything teachers need to facilitate different outdoor activities. Read the kit descriptions below.

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Description of the Kits:


Snowshoe Class Set:  4 pairs of MSR Evo Snowshoes (up to 180 lbs.); 18 pairs of MSR Kid’s Shift Snowshoes (up to 125 lbs.); 8 pairs of MSR Kid’s Tyker Snowshoes (up to 90 lbs).  Ideal for 3rd-6th grade classes or smaller groups of 7th-8th students.

Aquatic Kits #1 and #2:
  Dissolved Oxygen test kit (3); pH test kit (3); water thermometer (3); Macroinvertebrate sampling equipment including:  D-nets (1), 6″ dip nets (4), plastic tubs (2), ice cube trays (2), plastic spoons (4), creature keepers (2), macroinvertebrate field guides (3); macroinvertebrate keys (4)

Rubber Boots/Waders (Small and Large)*:
  Chest waders (3); Rubber boots (3)

*Small is for Elementary School and Large is for Middle/High School


Forest Ecology Kit:  Increment borers (2), DBH tape (4), clinometers (4), densitometers (4), compass (4), 1x1m quadrats (6), 50 meter transect tape (8)


Wildlife Tracking Kit #1 and #2:  Set of 4-5 skull replicas; Set of 10 track replicas; “Bucket of scat”; Peterson First Guide to Mammals of North America (2); Animal Tracks of Washington and Oregon, Lone Pine Publishing (6); Miscellaneous wildlife guides (4); Reptiles of the Northwest, Lone Pine Publishing (2)


Birding Kit #1:  Binoculars (16 pairs); Birds of Oregon, Lone Pine Publishing (8); Songbirds, Peterson Field Guides for Young Naturalists (3); Birds of Prey, Peterson Field Guides for Young Naturalists (2)


Birding Kit #2 (Young Birders):  Small binoculars (30 pairs); Songbirds, Peterson Field Guides for Young Naturalists (4); Birds of Prey, Peterson Field Guides for Young Naturalists (3)


Insect Studies Kit:  Butterfly nets (8); Bugs of Washington and Oregon, Lone Pine Publishing (8); Creature peepers (8); Jars (8)


Plant Studies Kit:  Trees to Know in Oregon, Edward Jensen (8); Plants of the Southern Interior British Columbia and the Inland Pacific Northwest, Robert Parish (8); Wetland Plants of Oregon and Washington, Lone Pine Publishing (4); Sagebrush Country: A Wildflower Sanctuary (8); Hand lenses (8)


Stream Tables Kit:  Stream Table Kits (4); Buckets (4); Yard sticks (8); Protractors (4); Spray bottles (4)


Soil Studies Kit:  Soil collection tubes (4); Soil thermometers (4); Soil Life Discovery Kit (1); Soil Chemistry Test Kits (pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium); Soil Texture Flow Chart


Clipboards/Whiteboard:  32 clipboards, 2 11”x14” portable whiteboards


Thank you to Diack Ecology Fund and Deschutes National Forest for their support of the Resource Co-op!

Additional kits are available through Sunriver Nature Center’s Nature Discovery Kits program and the High Desert Museum’s Traveling Trunks program.