Student Stewardship Projects

Upper Deschutes Watershed Council


Grade:  Kindergarten to 12th grade
Length:  1-2 days
Location: Deschutes River, Metolius River, Whychus Ceek, Tumalo Creek, or Little Deschutes River
Cost:  Free
Audience:  Deschutes County
NGSS Standards:  ESS3.C



  • To develop an informed sense of place and engaged sense of stewardship for rivers and streams in Central Oregon.  



Students will participate in real on-the-ground stewardship and stream restoration activities. By digging in the dirt to restore riparian plants or remove non-native weeds, students will learn about the importance of native riparian vegetation and the conditions necessary for healthy fish and wildlife.  Through active participation in these restoration projects, students develop a sense of pride and care for their home waters. During their projects, students have the opportunity to interact with professionals in the “real world” of watershed restoration, such as conservation groups, federal agency representatives, and local scientists. 


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