Pond Study:  Nature Immersion Field Trip

Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory


Grade:  K-2nd grade
Length:  2 hours
Location:  Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory
Cost:  Contact [email protected] for current pricing
NGSS Standards:
Practice: Engaging in Argument from Evidence
D.C.I: Life Science: LS1: Molecule to Organism
Crosscutting Concepts: Patterns



The Pond Study program is an outdoor, experiential field trip focusing on habitat exploration with emphasis on ponds. Students will study water bodies in terms of physical properties, animal and plant communities, and predator-prey relationships. Students will engage in a hands-on encounter with reptiles and amphibians and analyze Lake Aspen water samples for invertebrates. This program includes an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge to real-life ecosystem observation during a guided nature walk.

This program addresses the following concepts:
• Relationship between habitat and food web structure
• Relationship between the physical features of an animal or plant and how it survives (adaptations)
• Observation and categorization of pond organisms based on appearance and behavior pattern
• Human impacts on aquatic ecosystems
• Best practices for nature stewardship


The Pond Study program combines hands-on outdoor activities, an indoor lesson, and a guided nature walk. It is designed for kindergarten through second grade and aligns with NGSS Life Science topics.


To learn more or schedule a program, visit https://snco.org/nature-immersion-field-trip-guided/