Planetarium Experience

Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory


Grade:  K-12th grade
Length:  30 minutes
Location:  Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory or at your school
Cost: $250 for the first session (lesson), $50 for each additional session (lesson)
NGSS Standards:  Varies by grade level



Using our state-of-the-art inflatable planetarium, we are able to bring the night sky and much more to students across grade levels.  We offer both grade specific lessons in the K-5 range, and cross grade level learning opportunities at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  Planetarium lesson vary in length and require an open space and access to power outlets to


Learning goals:

We have designed our lessons to meet the science standards across grade levels so the goals will vary based on the age group and the lesson chosen.  For more information find the planetarium lessons sheet and refer to your age group and interest.



On-site (20 students) or off-site (your location: 30 students)


To learn more and schedule a program, visit