Out-of-School Innovation Project


Out-of-School programs, like summer camps, afterschool programs, and enrichment programs provide an incredible opportunity to engage youth in outdoor exploration and learning.  These programs provide so many opportunities for youth development, learning, and health and wellness.  Plus, the relaxed atmosphere, extended time frames, and supportive mentors provide the perfect environment to connect kids to nature.


The Children’s Forest of Central Oregon and the Central Oregon STEM Hub have teamed up to support out-of-school programs to be able to provide more opportunities for outdoor learning and exploration and STEM for their participants. Recognizing that time, resources, and training opportunities can be limited for out-of-school providers, The Children’s Forest and the STEM Hub have created six kits and curriculum that have everything a program needs to implement the activities. The kits are free to check-out and include curriculum, materials, and coaching (if needed).


Children’s Forest of Central Oregon


To reserve kits, complete this form.  The curriculum can be previewed by clicking the links below. The activities are designed so they can be done in any outdoor space, during any time of year.


Nature Art – developed in partnership with the High Desert Museum. This kit includes various activities inspired by the beauty and wonder of nature, incorporating art, science, engineering, and play. From testing out eco-engineering to crafting nature wreaths, kids will be challenged to use natural objects while learning about the natural world.


Survival Skills – developed in partnership with Wildheart Nature School. This kit introduces kids to survival skills in both a practical and fun way. Activities will test kids’ sensory awareness and observation skills, while providing opportunities to be resourceful, creative, focused, and to work as part of a team.


Habitat Investigations – developed in partnership with The Environmental Center. This kit teaches kids about the importance of animal habitats, while introducing the concepts of adaptations, predator-prey dynamics, and needs for survival. The activities are full of movement and play, plus fun materials to explore (skulls, fur samples, and talons).



Central Oregon STEM Hub


Learn more and reserve these kits at their website.


• Space Science
• STEM and Sports
• Under Pressure (coming in fall 2019) – developed in partnership with the Bend Science Station



Thank you to our project partners and funders!