NatureHoods:  Plants and Pollinators:  Spreading the Seeds of the Diversity of Life

Children’s Forest of Central Oregon


Grade:  2nd grade
Length:  4 1-hour lessons
Location:  Schoolyard
Cost:  Free
Audience:  Prioritize rural and Title I schools
NGSS Standards:  2-LS4-1, 2-LS2-2



  • To develop an understanding of the complex processes of pollination and seed dispersal
  • To understand adaptations and explore the diversity of life in different habitats
  • To practice making observations and drawing conclusions



The NatureHoods Education program is a free outdoor program for Kindergarten-2nd grade students in Central Oregon.  The goal of the program is to build observation and questioning skills in students, and foster a connection and appreciation for the natural world.  In the 2nd grade program, students will learn about the relationship between plants and pollinators and engage in hands-on activities that mimic the function of animals in dispersing seeds and/or pollinating plants.  Students will use this information to discover importance of the diversity of life in different habitats.


To learn more and schedule a program, contact [email protected].