Natural Resource Career Pathways


Do you love spending time outdoors? Or do you have a passion for exploring and learning about the natural world? The Children’s Forest of Central Oregon has the goal to foster leadership skills in youth and provide potential environmental and natural resource career paths.

NEW!  Youth Leadership Program


The Children’s Forest of Central Oregon, Vámonos Outside, and the Environmental Center are teaming up to offer a new and exciting program focused on youth leadership in the environmental sector.  The program seeks to bring diverse youth voices into the environmental movement, and provide skill-building, mentoring, and job training for youth who are interested in green careers.

We are seeking high school students who are interested in equity and the environment. These opportunities are intended for LGBTQIA+ youth, youth experiencing disabilities, rural youth, and BILAPOC youth (Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, People of Color).  The summer program includes outings and the option to participate in Micro-Internships.  Learn more about the program here.


NEW!  Virtual Career Fair


Looking to work outside this summer?  There are tons of job openings with partners in our network.  We’ve compiled some videos to highlight upcoming jobs on this playlist.  See the most up-to-date list of opportunities here.



A Guide to Natural Resource Career Pathways in Central Oregon


The Central Oregon Natural Resources Career Pathways Network has developed a guide to help young people who might be interested in careers in natural resources to learn more about entering this field.  The guide provides an overview of career opportunities, a list of potential employers, career stories of people in the field, tips for where to get started, and career exploration opportunities.


A Guide to Natural Resources Career Pathways in Central Oregon



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