Project S.N.O.W. (Studying Nature Outside in Winter)

Discover Your Forest


Grade:  3rd-5th grade (targeted at 4th grade)
Length:  1 day, with option for classroom visits
Location: Mt. Bachelor
Cost:  Free
Audience:  All
NGSS Standards:  LS1.A, ESS1.C



  • Observe plant and animal adaptations for high elevation environments
  • Investigate the origin of the Cascades



Students will visit Mt. Bachelor to discover the winter environment on snowshoes.  Students use field based and experiential approach in science inquiry to assess nivean environments; using snow tools, animal tracking and seasonal adaptation studies. Students address physical, life and earth science standards as well as winter safety and preparedness.  The field trip includes a 1.25 mile snowshoe hike for approximately 2 hours.  Students need winter/snow gear (boots, snow pants, winter coat, hat).  Discover Your Forest has gear to lend schools, which can be requested at registration.  The program occurs from January to late March.


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Or email Karen Gentry at [email protected].