Lava Lands Tours

Discover Your Forest


Grade:  2nd or 4th grade
Length:  1 day, with option for classroom visits
Location: Lava Lands Visitor Center and Lava River Cave at Newberry National Volcanic Monument
Dates:  May 1 through September 30
Cost:  Free
Audience:  All
NGSS Standards:  LS1.A, ESS1.C



  • Observe plant and animal adaptations for multiple environments
  • Observe and investigate different rock types



At Lava Lands Visitors Center, students learn about volcanoes and their effect upon the physical, biological and cultural aspects of our world. Several education programs are offered to enhance your students’ outdoor education experience. Self-guided and Ranger-led tours are available. Rangers can provide interpretive talks on the geology, ecology and cultural heritage of Newberry National Volcanic Monument and take students on a guided hike to give students a close-up look at the volcanism that shaped the landscape around the Visitors Center. The Visitors Center also has an exhibit room to help students understand Newberry Volcano.


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