Birds of Prey:  Nature Immersion Field Trip

Sunriver Nature Center


Grade:  1st-2nd grade
Length:  3 hours
Location:  Sunriver Nature Center
Cost:  Contact [email protected] for current pricing
NGSS Standards:
-Practice: Analyzing and Interpreting Data
-D.C.I: Life Science: LS1: Molecule to Organism
-Crosscutting Concepts: Structure and Function



The Birds of Prey Nature Immersion Field Trip is a field trip focused on animal adaptations, survival strategies, and habitat. This program utilizes live birds of prey (i.e., raptors such as hawks, owls, eagles) as the study organism. Students will engage in an interactive classroom session, dissect owl pellets, and visit with some of the nature center’s live avian ambassadors. This program includes an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge to real-life ecosystem observation through a guided nature walk.

This field trip addresses the following concepts:
• Relationship between physical traits and survival strategies
• Relationship between habitat and food web structure
• Relationship between body part structure and functions
• Observation and categorization of animals based on appearance and behavior
• Human impacts on habitat and organism survival
• Ecosystem preservation and best practices for nature stewardship


The Birds of Prey program combines hands-on activities (owl pellet dissection), observation, conversation, and a guided nature walk. It is designed for first and second grade and aligns with NGSS Life Science topics.


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